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Quantity Break Pricing for Product Requests

Learn how you can save by adding more new products to your store at one time.

Quantity Break Pricing for Product Requests


The best way to save on your product additions is to add as many as you can at one time. This helps us work more efficiently. In return, we are happy to extend those time savings to you.


Note: Please see our Product Additions page for the most up-to-date prices.




Tip: To save you time and money, please ensure that the product additions you're requesting don't already exist in our database. You can do so by reading How to Add Products to Your Spinstak eCommerce Site.


How to Receive the Quantity Break Discount

There are two ways that you can request new products to be built in your Spinstak eCommerce store:


Note: You can choose to expedite your product request, but you will not be eligible for the quantity break discount.

How to Email Your Product Request

If you have a long list of SKUs that you'd like to request in order to qualify for a quantity break discount, you can email us by following the steps below.


Please only use this method if you are sending more than 100 SKUs.


1. Compile your spreadsheet of products with the following information:

  • Product Name
  • Product Manufacturer
  • SKUs (please only use the manufacturer's part number)
  • Add a column labeled Notes to your spreadsheet. There you can add any additional information you'd like us to know about the product (Example: a link to the manufacturer's website).
2. Please let us know if the product page already exists in our database and you'd just like new SKUs built onto that existing product page.


    Tip: See whether or not a product already exists in our database by following the steps in How to Add Products to Your Spinstak eCommerce Site.


    3. Email support@spinstak.com with the following:

    • Subject Line: Product Additions Request - [The Name of Your Company]
    • Your attached spreadsheet.
    • Your name and contact information.