Prop 65 Information

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Prop 65 is a California law passed back in 1986. Its official name is Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, but it is best known by the proposition that passed. It is the reason you see things that have labels stating something is known to the State of California to present a cancer risk.


A major update went into effect on August 30th, 2018, so manufacturers and suppliers need to be up-to-date on the law. Product manufacturers and suppliers are in danger of being sued for selling products that need Prop 65 labeling, but don’t include the labeling. Any citizen of California has the right to sue a company over this, whether they bought the product or not.



Besides physical labels on products, companies are required to have specific info on web pages and printed pages that sell products required to be labeled. In the note, it’s required to mention what type of chemical is at issue for the specific product, and what specific type of harm is possible (reproductive, cancer or both).


Manufacturers are required to make Prop 65 information available to their suppliers. Suppliers are required to make this information known to the end user who buys the product.


What We Are Doing

We contacted manufacturers, asking them to provide Prop 65 information for their products. Once this info is provided, we’re adding special labeling in our database (that needs Prop 65 labeling) so that it will show up on your specific product pages. This is a daunting process, but we did it behind the scenes to provide you with up-to-date information and keep your sites compliant. Currently, over one thousand products have specific Prop 65 labeling in our database, and as soon as manufacturers supply us with requested information, that number grows.


You can rest easy, knowing we have you covered for Prop 65 compliance and any other compliance issues that constantly fluctuate.


Below is a sample note, similar to the ones we’re adding to product pages that need Prop 65 labeling.