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Adding New Products to Your Store

Our product content team will receive your request, build your product page or SKUs, and inform you when they are ready to add to your catalog(s). Learn more about pricing and how to make product addition requests.

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Keeping the latest and greatest products on your website is important to your customers. Learn how you can add new products to your store by following the simple steps below. 

Hate to read? Watch our step-by-step how-to video on Adding New Products to Your Store.

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PRICING UPDATE: We've recently changed how we charge for product additions. Prices are now based on the number of SKUs requested. This new pricing structure more accurately reflects the time it takes for our team to build your new products. Please see our Product Additions page for the most up-to-date prices.



1. First log in to your Admin Panel.

2. On the left-side menu, click New Product Requests.

3. From the dropdown menu, click Make A Request. This will take you to the Product Additions page. Here you can view updated product additions pricing.


NOTE: The more SKUs you add in a request, the more money you can save!

  • If you'd like your product request to be expedited, please select the Extra Cost checkbox. Expedited requests will be completed within 1 business day and do not qualify for any quantity discounts.
  • If you are adding SKUs to an existing product block, select the Existing Product checkbox.

4. Type the name of the product in the Product Name field.


NOTE: Each new Product Name you request indicates to our team that you would like a new product page created.


5. Type the product manufacturer in the Manufacturer field.

6. Type in the SKUs you'd like added within that product block into the SKU List field - separate multiple SKUs by a comma.


NOTE: Only type manufacturer part numbers into the SKU List field. Custom part numbers can be added after the products have been added to your store.


7. In the Notes field, you can add any special requests including links to the product page on a manufacturer's website.

8. Click the Request Products button.



Is there a discount for bulk SKU additions?

  • Yes! The best way to save on your product additions is to add as many SKUs as you can at one time.
  • This helps us work more efficiently.
  • In return, we are happy to extend that cost savings to you.
  • Expedited requests do not qualify for quantity discounts.


What if I have more than 5 products blocks to add at one time?

  • If you have more than 5 product block requests, please submit your first 5 products blocks and repeat steps 4 - 8 for your remaining product block requests.


How long will it take for my products to be added? What if I need products added immediately?

  • Standard 2 week return on most product requests, but many may be completed in less time.
  • Expedited product additions will be completed within 1 business day at an additional cost and do not qualify for quantity discounts.


What if I want to add a private label or custom product?

  • You can request a private label or custom product in the same way as any other product request.
  • Just be sure to provide us any information about the private label or custom product in the Notes field of the Product Additions page.


Can I add my own image to a product?

  • Yes, if the product image is appropriate for the requested product, you can provide our team with a link to the product image you'd like to use.
  • Be sure to provide the link in the Notes field of the Product Additions page.
  • If you do not have a link to the product image, you can email it as an attachment to support@spinstak.com with the subject line: New Product Request Product Image - [Product Name].


Why does Spinstak charge for product additions?

  • Adding new products to our database adds value to the entire Spinstak distributor network.
  • However, the more products we have, the more resources we need to build and maintain those products.


Why can't I add my own product content?

  • Our database has been developed over time utilizing manufacturer-approved product descriptions, images, and SKU descriptions.
  • To maintain the integrity of the content, we utilize strict consistency standards and approval processes.


For questions regarding your request, please email support@spinstak.com.