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How to Make Sure a Product Doesn't Already Exist in Our Database

How to Make Sure a Product Doesnt Already Exist in Our Database Featured Image


When you want to associate a Sku to your catalog, but it doesn’t show up, it doesn’t necessarily mean the Sku is not in our database. Sometimes the product is already in your catalog, or the Sku was earlier hidden in a product block that is in your catalog. If a Sku is in a product block that is already in a category on your website, it will NOT show up during the association search.


It’s impossible to remember which Skus were hidden in the past, so there is a definitive way to see if a product is in the database.


The example below will imagine you are trying to add a hard hat to your website:


1) Search for the hard hat Sku in the category it belongs in (example: Head & Face Protection)

2) If it doesn’t show up, go to another category that has nothing to do with hard hats (for example: Lockout/Tagout) then search for the Sku

3) If nothing shows up, you can be certain the hard hat is not in our database, since it would not already be in the Lockout/Tagout section—at this point you make a new product request


4) If the product does show up, then you now know what Product Name the Sku is in (for example: Ridgeline® Cap Style Hard Hats)

5) Go back to the Head & Face Protection section and search for that Product Name (Ridgeline® Cap Style Hard Hats) in your list of products


6) Open the SKUs of that product

7) Click on the SHOW HIDDEN SKUS tab to see Skus that were already hidden

a) If the Sku is not hidden (Hide Sku checkbox not checked), it is already visible on your website


b) If you need to uncheck the Hide Sku check box, it was hidden, but is now visible on your website after unchecking