How to Set Up a Shipping Matrix

Learn how to charge different shipping rates based on the total value of an order.

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Setting up a Shipping Matrix allows you to more accurately charge shipping rates and may help you maintain healthy profit margins. To learn how to set up a Shipping Matrix on your Spinstak eCommerce website, follow the simple steps below. To learn more about what a Shipping Matrix is, check out a helpful video and FAQ section at the bottom of this article.

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TIP: Before getting started, we highly recommend that you review your past orders. Look at the order values and what it costs, on average, to ship those different orders. To learn more about different shipping strategies, please listen to our podcast: eCommerce Shipping Strategies for Industrial Distributors.


1. First login to your Admin Panel.

2. On the left-side menu, click Store Settings. This will open a dropdown menu.

4. From the dropdown menu, click Shipping Settings.

5. Ensure that the following settings are in place:

  • Enable Shipping - Yes
  • Charge Price Range - Yes
  • Hide Shipping Charge Values - No



6. Click the SAVE button.

7. From the Store Settings dropdown menu, click Shipping Methods.



8. Locate the shipping method you'd like to create a shipping matrix for. Under the Price column click View Rates.



9. In the Price From field, enter the first order value you'd like to set.

For example, if the first order value you'd like to set is for any orders that total between $0 and $50, type 50 into the Price From field. You'll then be able to enter the shipping base rate for orders that total between $0 and $49.99, and orders that total $50 or more.



10. Click the ADD button.


TIP: We recommend entering all Price From values first before entering a shipping base rate.



11. To set the shipping base rate for each order value, you have two options:

  • To set a flat shipping rate, enter the shipping cost into the Rate field.
  • To set the shipping rate as percentage of the order total, enter the percentage you wish to charge into the Percent of Order field.



NOTE: The Percent of Order is only used if the Rate field is set to 0. If the Rate field and the Percent of Order field are both set to 0, then the customer will receive free shipping on that order value.


For example, if you want to offer free shipping on all orders of $100 or more, set the Price From field to $100, the Price To field to +, and the Rate and Percent of Order fields to 0.


12. Click the SAVE button.

13. To create a shipping matrix for each of your shipping methods, click View Rates for that shipping method and follow these same steps.

How to Delete a Row in the Shipping Matrix

1. Locate the shipping rate you want to delete.

2. Click on the Delete checkbox to the right of the shipping rate.

3. Click the SAVE button.



For More Tips on Shipping Strategies, Watch eCommerce Shipping Strategies for Industrial Distributors


Shipping Matrix FAQ's

What is a Shipping Matrix?

A shipping matrix is a table that allows you to set a flat shipping rate based on different variables such as total order value.

Should I Use a Shipping Matrix?

If you're a small to medium-sized industrial distributor and you're allowing customers to pay with a credit card on your website, then setting up a shipping matrix is a good practice. Assigning shipping rates to different order values can help minimize undercharging for expensive shipping rates and can help you maintain healthy profit margins.

Isn't a Shipping Calculator the Best Way to Ensure I'm Charging Accurate Shipping Costs?

Yes, in a perfect world you would calculate the shipping cost of every product based on the weight and dimensions of that product. However, many manufacturers don't provide accurate data for product weight or dimensions. It's also very time-consuming for you to try and mine all of that data. That's why we recommend setting up a shipping matrix.