How to Set a Minimum Order Amount

Learn how to require your customers to meet a minimum order amount on your Spinstak eCommerce website.

How to Set a Minimum Order Amount Featured Image

If you want to avoid small orders from being placed on your site, you can set a minimum order amount. Customers will have to place an order of a certain value before they can checkout. Follow the simple steps below to learn how.

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1. First login to your Admin Panel.

2. On the left side menu, click Store Settings. This will open a dropdown menu.

3. Under the dropdown menu, click Store.



4. Under the Admin column, click the Store button.

5. Under the Settings Information section, locate the Minimum Order Amount field.



6. In the Minimum Order Amount field, enter the dollar amount of the order total that you want to set as the minimum order amount.


NOTE: The minimum order amount must be rounded to a dollar amount.


7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the SAVE button.