How to Enable a Minimum Order Exemption

Learn how to allow certain customers to place an order that does not meet the minimum order amount for your Spinstak eCommerce store.

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We've created a tool that allows you to exempt certain customers from having to meet your store's order minimum. Follow the simple steps below to learn how.

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NOTE: If you'd like to learn how to place an order minimum on your Spinstak eCommerce store, read How to Set a Minimum Order Amount.


1. First login to your Admin Panel.

2. On the left side menu, click Orders & Customers. This will open a dropdown menu.

3. Under the dropdown menu, click Customers.



4. Locate the customer for whom you'd like to grant the order minimum exemption.


TIP: You can locate your customer by searching his/her Last Name, Company, Email, Username, Catalog, or the first letter of his/her last name. Simply use the search fields at the top of the Customers page.


5. Under the Admin column, click the EDIT button.

6. Locate the Minimum Order Exemption field and change the dropdown option to Yes.



7. Click the SAVE button.


Your customer will now be able to place orders that don't meet your Spinstak eCommerce store's minimum order amount.