How to Do Item Swaps

Occasionally, you may want to introduce a new item or a featured item to a customer via item swap. This is a great way to push certain products to customers. Here are some steps on how to do just that!

  1. Navigate to the left-hand navigation bar.  
  2. Select Products.  
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Item Swaps. 
  4. Select New Swap. 
  5. Enter in the information for the new item swap. 
  6. In the Product Search SKU box, search for the SKU number that you'd like to list an item swap for.
  7. In the Product Swap Search SKU box, search for the SKU number that you'd like to show to your customer in place of the product.
  8. From the Swap Specs section, click on the Type dropdown menu.
    1. To suggest a swap to a customer, click on the Suggested Swap option. In the Search Accounts field, type and select the account you'd like to item swap applied to.
    2. To force an item swap for the customer, click on the Force Swap option.
      1. Note: This will cause the Product selected to be replaced with the Product Swap.
  9. Click on the Apply dropdown menu.
    1. To set the item swap to a specific account, select the Account option.
    2. To set the item swap to apply to all users on your site, select the Global option.
  10. To provide a reason for why you're suggesting or forcing an item swap, type in that information into the Reason text box. For example: This item is currently out of stock but we have something you might also like!
  11. Click the Save button.


  • You'll just need to choose the lead product (the item the customer is adding to basket) and the item you want to swap it for, if you'd like to force the swap or simply make it a suggestion and then decide if it's going to be a global swap for all or select the customer account, you'd like to apply it to. 
  • A suggested swap will allow the customer to add the original item or suggested item to basket, but a forced swap will allow only the swapped item to be purchased. 
  • Remember to click Save!