Creating a New B2B or Custom Catalog

Learn how to create a brand new B2B or custom catalog on your Spinstak eCommerce website.

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To enhance your customer's shopping experience, you can create a custom catalog just for them! Follow the simple steps below to learn how.

Hate to read? Watch our step-by-step how-to video.

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1. First login to your Admin Panel.

2. On the left-side menu, click Catalog Management. This will open a dropdown menu.

3. From the dropdown menu, click Store Catalogs.


4. At the top of the page, locate the Create Catalog section.

5. Name your new catalog using the Catalog Name field.

6. From the Public dropdown menu, select whether or not you want to make the catalog available on a public website.

7. From the Main Catalog dropdown menu, select whether or not you'd like to make the catalog your default catalog users will see when they visit your site.

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8. If you'd like to apply a percentage off discount, fill out the Discount field.

9. Use the Display Order field to determine where the catalog will show in the Store Catalogs section below.

10. From the Copy of... dropdown, you'll have two options:

  • Blank - this option should be used if you want to build a catalog from the ground up.
  • Copy an Existing Catalog - this option should be used if you want to copy a catalog or categories from a catalog that you've already created.


11. Click the ADD button.

  • If Blank is selected - you will need to navigate to Organize a Catalog on the left side menu to add categories and products to your newly created catalog.
  • If Copy of an Existing Catalog is selected - you will be taken to the Catalog Copy page where you can select the categories you'd like to copy into your newly created catalog. Once you've selected the categories to copy, click the Start Copy button.