How to Set Up a Category

Spinstak eCommerce required you to create your own categories before they would show on your website. EvoX has this same feature but it also allows you to simply "turn on" categories that already exist within a managed catalog.

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Follow the steps below to learn how.

Table of Contents:

How to Activate Existing Categories

  1. Navigate to Categories in the left-hand navigation menu. 
  2. Click on Activate Category Vertical. 
  3. Select a Vertical in the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Add. 

How to Create Custom Categories

  1. Click on Add Category.  
  2. Give your Category a name.  
  3. To Add a Subcategory, click on the settings icon next to the category you'd like to nest the subcategory underneath.  
    1. Click Add Subcategory.  
    2. Enter the name of the subcategory in the Name field.  
    3. Click the Add button. 
  4. To edit a category or subcategory, click the settings icon next to the category or subcategory you want to edit.  
    1. Click edit.  
    2. Make your desired changes and click the Save button. 

Tip: Individual ID'S will be generated for your categories & subcategories, which will be handy when adding products into that category. 

How to Import Categories:

  1. Navigate to Categories in the left-hand navigation menu. 
  2. Click on Import.
  3. Select Import Own Categories. 
  4. Download Template.
  5. Open the file and make changes.  
  6. The following information is very important: 
    1. Category ID: If you are importing your main category for the first time, you will not need to fill this column. 
    2. Parent Category ID: This will be required.  
    3. If you want to import a Custom Category into an own Category, please fill that space with 1000000. 
    4. If you want to import a Custom Category into the existing Fusion ones, this number will change to 1000001.  
    5. Name: Name of your category 
    6. Description: A description of your category 
    7. Image path: The image location in your database. 
    8. Image name: The name of the image (needs to be identical with your file name for the image) 
    9. Meta Title, Description, Keywords: SEO options for your category. 
    10. From date: The date from which the category is valid. (Please ensure the correct date formatting is followed) 
    11. To date: The date the category is valid till. (Please ensure that the correct date formatting is followed) 
    12. Active: Set to Y if the category is active. 
    13. Delete Record: N for importing for the first time. If you want to delete a category, set this to Y.
  7. After you are done completing the template, save the file. 
  8. Select Import Own Categories.
  9. Click on Browse and upload your file.
  10. Click Import. 

This relates to Spinstak eCommerce here:

  1. Login to your Admin Panel.  
  2. On the left-side menu, click Catalog Management. This will open a dropdown menu. 
  3.  From the dropdown menu, click Organize A Catalog. 
  4. From the Catalog dropdown menu, select the catalog where you'd like to add a category or subcategory. 
  5. Locate the Category Name field and fill in the name of the category or subcategory you'd like to add. 
  6. Click on the Parent dropdown menu and select one of the following: 
  7. To create a Top-Level or Parent Category - select the Top Level option. 
  8. To create a Subcategory - select the category or subcategory under which your new subcategory will reside.  
    1. For example, if you wanted to add a subcategory named Structured Abrasives and have it appear under the Abrasives top-level category, you would simply select the Abrasives top-level category from the dropdown menu. 
  9. If you'd like your new category or subcategory to link to another website, PDF or other document you can paste the URL in the External URL field. 
    1. Note: If you are adding a new category or subcategory that will contain products, leave the External URL field blank. 
  10.  If you'd like the category to display in a preferred order, enter a number in the Display Order field. If you don't fill in this field, the Display Order will default as 0. 
  11. Click the ADD button.