Assigning a Customer to a Customized B2B Catalog

Learn how to assign customers to a specific B2B catalog that will optimize their shopping experience.

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Hate to read? Watch our step-by-step how-to video.

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1. First log in to your Admin Panel.

2. On the left sidebar menu, click Orders & Customers.

3. From the drop down, select Customers.

4. Locate the appropriate customer account by typing in the customer's Last Name, Company, Email or Username and clicking the Search button. (You may also use the Search by Letter feature by clicking on the first letter of the customer's last name.)

Spinstak eCommerce Customer Search


5. Once you locate the customer account, click Edit.

6. Scroll down and locate the Catalog Information section.

7. Click the Customer Catalog drop down and select the catalog you'd like to assign to that customer.

Spinstak eCommerce Customer Catalog


8. Click the Save button.

Now, when that customer logs in, they will see their custom B2B catalog!


NOTE: If you do not choose a custom catalog, ALL customer accounts by default will see the public facing catalog.