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ECI Has Acquired ES Tech Group

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    Premier Partner

    Greenwing Technology

    Greenwing Technology helps organizations of all sizes develop B2B Punchout Catalogs, hosted catalogs, and electronic purchase order/invoicing systems to integrate with over 100 eProcurement systems.

    We've partnered with Greenwing to help EvolutionX users better serve their customers via punchout connection through their eProcurement software.

    Popular eProcurement platforms that Greenwing connects to:

    Ariba | Coupa | NetSuite | Oracle | Basware | Workday | Procurify | & Many More!

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    What is Punchout?

    Let Your Customers Buy the Way They Want

    Punchout catalogs allow for customers to shop products on your eCommerce platform from within their institution's eProcurement system.

    Benefits of a punchout catalog for your customers:

    • Control of rogue spending
    • Easy invoicing capabilities
    • Procure products where they prefer
    • Faster approvals
    • Easier ordering process
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    How Does Punchout Work?

    Greenwing Makes it Easy

    Greenwing utilizes cXML to make a connection between three different sources: Your Customer's eProcurement System, Greenwing's eProcurement Hub, and EvolutionX.

    The best part is that Greenwing is there to do all the heavy lifting for you!

    Punchout catalogs can help your business through:

    • Reduced Catalog Maintenance
    • Increased Product Data Accuracy
    • Electronic Purchase Orders & Invoices
    • Enhanced User Shopping Experience
    • Increased Customer Retention

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    Punchout Level 2

    Supported by eProcurement, Built by Greenwing

    Level 2 (or Level II) punchout catalogs allow buyers to use their eProcurement's search tools to locate products inside of your EvolutionX store. This allows the customer to navigate directly to an item, fast.

    eProcurement Systems Supporting Level 2 Punchout:

    • Ariba
    • SciQuest
    • Unimarket

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    Greenwing & EvolutionX

    A Partnership that Benefits You

    EvolutionX has partnered with Greenwing to create a unique connection that allows for seamless punchout catalog orders within your online store.

    Features include:

    • Easy Installation & Configuration
    • Punchout Authentication
    • Punchout Cart Return
    • Connection to Over 100 eProcurement Systems
    • Customized Pricing
    • Support of Various Product Types Including Configurable
    • Electronic Purchase Orders via cXML or EDI

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