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ECI Has Acquired ES Tech Group

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    Premier Partner

    Distributor Data Solutions

    DDS (Distributor Data Solutions) provides a faster and simpler product content management solution for distributors. We've partnered with DDS to bring EvolutionX users the best product content in the industry.

    Industries Served:
    Electrical | Plumbing | HVAC | Industrial Supply | Industrial Gas & Welding | Industrial Automation

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    CONTENT/io Solution

    Product Content Management Solution for Distributors

    Delight your customers with CONTENT/io, a monthly product content management subscription that delivers online shoppers the best content in the industry.

    CONTENT/io sets itself apart by offering:

    • Robust Product Content
    • Data from All of Your Suppliers
    • Formatted in the Way You Need
    • Automated, Scheduled Exports to EvolutionX
    • & More!
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    How CONTENT/io Works

    DDS Has Made It Simple

    Forget the days of manipulating all your manufacturers’ product data in preparation for uploading to your webstore (and syncing to your ERP). DDS has an automated process that does all the ‘heavy lifting’ for you.

    It's as simple as:

    • Custom ingestion process collects more and better quality content from manufacturers.
    • Unaltered manufacturer content is organized for optimal usability (so you don't have to).
    • Product content is delivered via custom exports designed for EvolutionX.
    • Ingestion and delivery are automated and scheduled so your content is automatically sourced and added to your weekly feed.

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    Next-Generation™ Product Content

    What Your Customers Want

    DDS and its advanced technologies deliver superior content compared to any other provider. That's because DDS is able to ingest and pass along everything manufacturers make available to help market and sell their products.

    These include:

    • Complete Features & Specs
    • Multiple, High-Res Photos & Videos
    • 360-Degree/3D Product Views
    • Countless Supporting Documents
    • Marketing Descriptions
    • & More!

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    Multiple Images

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    High-Res Images

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    DDS Content Examples


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    DDS See the Difference

    Cylinder Gases

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    Schneider Electric

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