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    Shared eCommerce Problems: Product Lines with Multiple Configurations

    eCommerce webstores should designed around the rule of three; a customer should be able to find and purchase a product within three clicks. One click to the website, one click on the product listing, and one click to add the product to the basket/cart. For this to be achieved, an eCommerce site must have an optimised search function and rich product content. However, for products such as workwear, clothing, PPE, and furniture there is an additional hurdle to overcome to achieve the 3 click rule, product lines with multiple configurations.  

    dams configurable ecommerce product content

    Searching for a Needle in a Haystack

    For example, products with different sizes, colours, and material options can create a terrible user experience if not optimised for an eCommerce store. When a user types in a product search and is presented with a long list of items within the same product line they are then tasked with "looking for a needle in a haystack", most likely resulting in many clicks and the dreaded ‘’back button’’ cycle that kills user experience.  

    The Solution is Configurable Products

    One solution to this problem is to only list the ‘master’ product lines, and then for each product line to present the variable options such as size, material, colour, etc., as dropdown selections and colour swatches. As the user makes their choices, the appropriate finished product is presented along with the correct image, description and price, all within the same page. 

    This is often a technical challenge and time consuming task with most eCommerce software providers. The challenges lie not just in the capabilities of the platform, but also in the product data that fuels it.  

    Without a well organised and optimised product data set, offering the user a quick, efficient and enjoyable ordering experience is near impossible. When you add a further complication of having certain product configurations with different lead times due to differing demand, the links between product content and supply become more complex and even more important to get it right. For a distributor this becomes a real grind to manage, maintain and update for every configurable product. 

    Introducing the DAMS Product Configurator Tool

    At ES Tech Group we have developed a product configurator tool with DAMs, a leading office furniture manufacturer, that allows EvolutionX users to serve a product line in a single listing. Intuitively pulling all the rich product content, stock and availability data and allowing a customer to easily purchase a configured product quickly and easily. Removing any time-consuming admin management and product data pitfalls, allowing distributors to help deliver the utopian customer UX of a three-click purchase.  

     dams product configurator aupport article

    Click here to review our support article and video on the DAMS product configurator tool.

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