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ECI Has Acquired ES Tech Group

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    ES Tech Group Acquires Nexus Websites Limited


    ES Tech Group (a trading name of EvolutionX Holdings Ltd) Acquires Nexus Websites Limited 

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    Bringing World-Class Web Design and User Experience to Our Global Customer Base 

    ES Tech Group, creators of the EvolutionX B2B eCommerce platform, has acquired Nexus Websites Limited, a web development and design agency based out of Wigan, UK. The official announcement was made on Tuesday 31
    st August.  

    “The design and user experience elements of a web platform are far too important now to outsource,”

    Patrick Donnelly
    CEO, ES Tech Group

    “Customers make snap decisions on how your website looks and feels in seconds. If you don’t pass that initial 3-5 second gut check, they most likely won’t stick around long enough to find out about all your amazing features. We’ve been admirers of Alex and the incredible Nexus team for years. When the opportunity presented itself to bring their world-class design and user experience capabilities into the ES Tech Group family, we jumped on it straight away.” 

    Design and UX are fundamental building blocks to any online experience, and nobody does it better than Nexus. 

    “ES Tech Group customers can expect to see us build new services and business models on the back of this acquisition that make world class design and user experience accessible to everyone,” said Patrick Donnelly.

    Alex Induchny added, “After designing nearly 160 EvolutionX & Evolution legacy stores, this move was an absolute no brainer for our team and our customers. Even though we have always held a close working relationship with ES Tech, to officially become part of the family is not only very exciting, but it should allow us to take our front-end design and development skills to the next level with greater access, knowledge, and new tools at our disposal. We aim to continually build the best eCommerce websites, and we believe EvolutionX has the potential to become a household name. For our existing customers it is business as usual, and for future customers, we look forward to working with you!” 

    The acquisition of Nexus Websites Limited fits perfectly into ES Tech Group’s strategy of levelling the B2B ecommerce playing field by giving distributors and manufacturers of all shapes and sizes the four C’s they need to compete, and win online – CONTENT, COMMERCE, CONNECTIVITY and COMMUNICATION. 

    Media Contact: 
    Patrick Donnelly