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ECI Has Acquired ES Tech Group

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    Introducing the eComm-Wheel of Growth eBook

    Do you remember your 5th grade math class?

    Whether that was 20 years ago or 50, one thing you’ll notice is the way they teach math today is much different from the way you learned it. If you have tried helping your kids with homework lately, you’ll notice that it hasn’t gotten any easier.
    In much the same way, business today is bigger and more complex than ever. The internet has made life better in countless ways, but for traditional B2B distributors, it has caused headache after headache. Navigating the ever-changing internet of things can be a very confusing and tedious exercise.

    frustrated distributor

    The primary cause of this confusion is because your business model (B2B distribution) was not designed with eCommerce in mind. As seen from experience, manufacturers and distributors will fail to execute a thriving eCommerce channel for one of two primary reasons:

    They will try to force a “new-school” eCommerce channel into their “old-school” software and systems -- OR -- they will choose the wrong eCommerce methodology for their customer base.

    In some cases, both issues can occur which is an extremely costly mistake. However, in either scenario, the common error is a failure to build for the customer.

    Perhaps the most well-known company that has not fallen into this pitfall is Amazon.

    At this point, you're likely sick of hearing Amazon’s plans to take over the world, but their success is irrefutable. At the time of writing, Amazon Business (the B2B division) has surpassed $25 billion in annual sales, making them twice the size of Grainger in just six years. Although they’re the empire distributors love to hate, their success wasn’t purchased with ad dollars or expensive marketing campaigns.

    It was built on a single core value:

    The customer is at the center of every decision they make.

    As a result, key decisions such as redesigning the website, adding features, and improving functionality were always done with the customer in mind. Amazon listened carefully to the voice of their customers, made improvements, and, over time, developed the world’s most lucrative online sales channel. If there was an award for winning the Internet, it would likely have Jeff Bezos’ name inscribed on it.

    In this new eBook, you are going to replicate this same methodology and apply it to your business so that you can begin building a profitable online channel that will stand the test of time.

    Click here to get access to this one-of-a-kind resource.

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