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    Digital Marketing for Industrial Suppliers: 101 Terms to Know, People to Follow, and Places to Be to Grow Your Business Online

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    Do you feel like your digital network needs a makeover?

    You want to keep up-to-date on news, thought-leaders, events, and technologies in your niche safety industry.

    You want to better utilize your resources online to stay competitive in the industrial world.

    You want to feel connected and on top of your role.

    But the current safety forums you follow are often getting neglected. The blogs you’re familiar with are talking about standards from ten years ago. There’s no mention of digital marketing from the so-called savants you’re familiar with. 

    If you’re struggling to bring industrial safety into the digital age, Spinstak can help you get in-the-know!

    Today, I want to showcase the top thought-leaders, websites, and terminology that you need to know if you’re looking to grow your business online.

    So, how did we pick the best of the best?

    It all started with my experience growing up in the safety industry…

    Growing up, I watched as my grandfather and father ran a manufacturing business making safety signage for industrial workplaces and beyond. Their immense passion for keeping people safe was shown in the way they operated their own business. But they always said that signs were the last line of defense.

    This sparked a desire in me to take this core value of safety and multiply it. I wanted to see safety-at-scale.

    That’s when I turned to marketing.

    Spinstak started by making custom catalogs over a decade ago under the name Safety Marketing Services. We began incorporating digital marketing about six years ago. By working with other safety suppliers and distributors, Spinstak was able to multiply our impact.

    We weren’t just helping keep one company safe. By creating valuable content that our clients would provide to their own followers online, we are keeping companies all over the country safe.

    Both I, and Spinstak as a whole, have been in the industrial safety game for quite some time. Now, we want to share the knowledge and resources we’ve complied over the years.

    Finding trusted information is one thing. But to stay competitive online and in the safety industry, you need pertinent information. The people, places, and things in this blog are both reliable and relevant.

    Consider this blog your go-to industrial marketing glossary resource.

    You can even bookmark the page to return to whenever you need some industrial marketing inspiration.

    For now, keep reading to learn about 101 people, websites, terms, and more that will help you stay connected and on top of your game. Read until the end to find out what resource we’re currently most excited for!

    30 Must-Follow Industrial Marketing Thought-Leaders

    Paper Boats Thought Leader Concept

    These 30 leaders are must-follow resources for industrial marketing teams. Follow them on LinkedIn, check out their company's blog, and these experts will keep you up-to-date.

    1. Brad Montgomery 

    As Marketing & Communications Director at Accuform Signs, Brad is a true Renaissance man. He has an impressive knowledge of manufacturing and distribution supply chain structure. He also boasts years of experience sales, marketing, web and print merchandising, and management.

    2. Gilbert LeVerne, Jr.

    Gilbert is no stranger to global sourcing, re-branding, and implementing successful marketing strategies. His nearly twenty years of experience in the PPE industry and passion for global brand implementation have earned him the title of Director of Marketing at SHOWA Group.

    3. Matt Johnson (Shameless Self-Promo)

    My official title at Spinstak is CMO and Managing Partner. My experience in the industry, purposeful drive, and initiative to seek our new challenges have launched me into the role of a dynamic marketing self-starter.

    eCommerce Director Brady Price

    4. Brady Price

    If you want to expand your company’s eCommerce, Brady is the man to talk to. He’s the Director of eCommerce & New Business Development at Spinstak, but also works with the Sales Team and Executive Team to develop strategies to help companies generate leads and grow their online presence.

    5. Renia Carsillo

    Renia is a fairly new member of our internal team, but her energy and marketing expertise is taking Spinstak to new heights. As Director of Digital Strategy, Renia brings a creative edge to data-driven marketing initiatives.

    6. Nichole Gibson

    Nichole is a post-production wizard. As Director of Marketing at ORS Nasco, she takes on marketing and digital strategy projects full force, and ensures they’re effective even when the campaign is over.

    7. Zach Nelson

    Marketing is just one facet of Zach’s skills as Director of Marketing at ORR Corporation. He strives to highlight the talents of his coworkers with detailed attention to the hiring, training, and empowering of other leaders. Zach practices inbound content marketing to help make his company known and trusted.

    8. Heidi Sweeney

    Heidi is the Director of Marketing at National Safety Apparel. Her bright personality and experience in both marketing and sales allow her to provide positive experiences for customers and coworkers every day.

    9. Julie McFater

    Julie is a well-rounded Director of Marketing at Levitt-Safety Limited. Her useful skills range from strategic planning to creative development, from media planning to database marketing, and from public relations to team development.

    10. Tyler Reed

    Do you admire extensive practical experience? Tyler has it. As Vice President of Supply Chain & Marketing at Martin Incorporated, Tyler is an expert in analyzing operations and implementing effective systems. This has helped him to capture new opportunities to improve the expansion and profit contributions of his company.

    11. Michael Schoonover

    Michael is the Vice President of Marketing at Lakeland Industries. He’s proficient at using integrated sales and marketing campaign strategies to transform vendor relationships into valued business partners. Though he has over twenty years’ experience, he remains relevant in the industry by incorporating social media marketing.

    12. Zach Brado

    This former Marketing Manager is now the Director of Business Development at NetPlus Alliance. He works closely with industrial suppliers to develop effective sales and marketing campaigns, as well as find new market opportunities.

    13. Jennifer Murphy

    Jennifer has worked tirelessly to carry on the success of her organization, a 130-year-old family business. Not only is Jennifer the President at NetPlus Alliance, she’s also a proud member of the Women Industrial Supply Executives group. Her company exists to serve distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers in the MROP and construction channels.

    14. Brandon Hagen

    Brandon is the Vice President of Distributor Relations & Education at Safety Marketing Group (SMG). His experience working at his alma mater, Texas A&M University, as well as his time with SafetyNetwork.me, have helped him grow into an exceptional leader and teacher.

    15. Donny Beaver

    Donny Beaver of HalenHardy | GrowwithSMS.com

    Donny is the godfather of spill control and containment technologies. As the co-founder of HalenHardy, he has helped pioneer innovations for oil leak and spill clean-up solutions. Donny is a serial entrepreneur who focuses on uncovering hidden needs in the marketplace.

    16. Mari Smith

    Mari Smith is one of the most influential social media thought leaders in the industry. She's known as The Queen Facebook and for her strategic partnerships with thought leaders from all corners of the digital marketing space.

    17. Dirk Seis

    Dirk illustrates his expertise in industrial business development through his role as Director of Marketing at Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc. His experience and high energy have helped him become a specialist in training program development and execution.

    18. Paul Tecci

    As the Director of Digital & Brand at Vallen Distribution, Inc., Paul thrives on the challenge of driving consumer action and creating business results. This well-rounded guy has skills in diverse areas including digital strategy, social media, brand management, product development and planning, and business management and leadership.

    19. Janet Donnelly

    Janet is accomplished in CRM, leadership, and management skills. Her title as Vice President of Marketing at Technical Solutions & Services, Inc. has allowed her to create, enhance, and expanding revenues, as well as connections with consumers.

    20. John Friend

    As Vice President of Sales & Channel Development at Ansell, John is able to understand customer needs, foster teamwork, and manage profitability. His extensive experience and versatile range of skills help him use an organized approach to evaluate markets and opportunities.

    21. Beemal Vasani

    Beemal has an impressive understanding of marketing strategy and new business development. As the Director of Channel Marketing at Ansell, he is able to utilize his vast experience a sales and marketing professional in both B2C and B2B situations.

    22. Bill England

    Bill has served as the President of Radians, Inc. for over 15 years. He is a man of endless talents, as he is responsible for the company’s day-to-day business operations including sales, marketing, and product management. His ample industry experience spurs on his passion for providing the best safety gear to workers.

    23. Mike Bazal

    As Vice President of Regional Sales at Ergodyne, Mike has gained an unsurpassed knowledge of selling, management, and sales processes. He’s driven by helping industrial workers combat their work environment with reliable, innovative protective equipment.

    24. Tom Votel

    Tom has the important role of President and CEO of Ergodyne. He took the virtually bankrupt company and helped transform it into a respected developer of specialized gear for worker safety and productivity. This innovator always has Ergodyne’s future success in mind.

    25. Scott Williams

    Scott is the President and CEO of Safety Products Inc. Despite his corporate role, he works daily to add an advantage to both his company and to their client's experiences. He believes in exceeding clients’ expectations of knowledge, service, and value.

    26. CJ Vallone

    As President of DiVal Safety Equipment, Inc., CJ is creative, innovative, and data-driven. Despite the company’s humble beginnings, CJ’s experience and drive have helped his company become a leading B2B distributor of safety equipment, industrial and contractor tools & supplies, and MRO products.

    27. Sal Longo

    Sal has an extreme passion for customer satisfaction as he serves as the CEO of Northern Safety. He’s driven by discovering new ways to better serve customers, while helping businesses keep workers safe and find budget-friendly safety gear.

    28. Brian Halligan

    Switching gears a bit, Brian is a marketing savant and the CEO at Hubspot. His organization delivers inbound marketing and sales software to help companies attract, convert, and close customers. Brian has a hunger for helping turn startups into scale-ups through software, training, and education.

    29. Gary Vaynerchuk

    Gary is a no-nonsense serial entrepreneur. He’s also the CEO and co-founder of full-service digital agency, VaynerMedia. Not only is he one of the most sought-after public speakers today, he also delivers practical business and social media advice through his blog and personal social media platforms.

    30. Seth Godin

    Seth recently received the honor of being inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame. As an author of over a dozen books, a blogger, and a public speaker, he teaches on topics including marketing, leadership, and the way ideas spread.

    Amp up your LinkedIn connections and Twitter followers by clicking the links above and following these folks. Not only will you become more connected with leaders in your industry, you’ll also be enhancing your own knowledge of industrial safety and digital marketing.

    50 Bookmark-Worthy Industry Websites and Blogs

    Blog spelled out on wooden table

    Add these websites and blogs to your computer’s bookmark list so you’re never in short supply of leading industrial safety and marketing information.

    31. Safeopedia

    Consider Safeopedia a free resource for useful blog posts, as well as helpful guides to selecting the right safety software for your company.

    32. SafetyNetwork.me 

    Safety Network is a partnership dedicated to establishing an industry-wide safety culture. Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, or end-user, membership in this group will help your company earn the title of “thought-leader” in your field.

    33. Arbill Safety

    Arbill Safety has kept nearly half a million workers safe today alone. This company’s products, services, safety technology, and environmental health and safety programs have protected workers for decades. They have a top-notch blog too!

    34. Airgas

    If your company frequently uses gases or welding equipment, Airgas can have your back. This environmentally and socially responsible company has grown to become the nation’s leading single-source supplier of gases, welding gear and other safety supplies.

    35. Conney Safety

    An impressive safety blog, product selection, and training on demand program is what Conney Safety has to offer. They know there’s more to safety than just buying products, so the company is dedicated to further benefitting customers through technical services.

    36. ORR Safety

    ORR Safety has earned its place in the safety industry because the company only represents the most reputable manufacturers. This distributors makes your safety their focus by providing top-quality equipment for all areas of industrial safety.

    37. Northern Safety

    With a customer-centered approach, Northern Safety values helping businesses stay safe from before the sale to long after it. They offer product selection guides, a glossary of terms, and an e-catalog as free useful tools.

    38. Mallory Safety & Supply

    A well-loved motto at Mallory Safety & Supply is the phrase “Yes we can!” Can Mallory provide you with reliable safety, fire, and first responder equipment? Yes they can!

    39. Stauffer Glove & Safety

    Don’t let the name fool you… Stauffer Glove & Safety doesn’t only sell awesome industrial gloves. Their wide range of safety equipment, worthwhile blog articles, and other resources helps this company stay on top.

    40. MSC Industrial Direct Co.

    For better MRO, turn to MSC. They offer innovative products from more than 30 categories. They can even help ensure OSHA compliance and a safer workplace with their step-by-step safety sign check list.

    41. Accuform

    Accuform is your go-to source for products that inform, protect, and motivate. As a leading manufacturer of custom safety signs, this company uses innovation and trust to deliver products that can meet the specific needs of any workplace.

    42. SmartBrief

    Do you want one convenient place to find relevant industry news? SmartBrief serves executives, thought-leaders, and industry professionals like you by delivering targeted business news and information fast.

    43. AdAge

    You may find it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest info in industrial safety, but finding relevant marketing news isn’t always that simple. Luckily, AdAge is your leading source for staying in-the-know in the marketing and media community.

    44. Basecamp

    We all love a good organization hack. Basecamp allows you to put all the projects your business is working on in one location. This tool can help you and your coworkers stay on the same page, without all the back-and-forth.

    45. Inbound.org

    Want free custom-picked marketing articles and resources delivered right to your inbox. Simply, sign up with Inbound.org, choose the topics you want to learn about, and wait for your daily or weekly email. You can even connect with other marketing professionals on the site.

    46. Constant Contact

    Constant Contact helps businesses do more business. By providing web hosting, domains, eCommerce, and mobile business tools, they offer everything you need to grow online.

    47. The Sales Lion

    The Sales Lion is an organization that can fulfill all your needs for content marketing coaching and workshops, Hubspot training and workshops, and workshop training for agencies.

    48. Unbounce

    You want your new website visitors to come to your website and become customers, but how do you do that? Unbounce exists to help you create epic landing pages fast that are sure to convert your website visitors and leads into loyal buyers.

    49. Convince & Convert

    For your very own marketing strategy consultant, head to Convince & Convert. Check out their blog and podcast network for more awesome marketing advice!

    50. Modern Distribution Management

    Modern Distribution Management (MDM) provides unbeatable resources to professionals in the wholesale distribution industry. They provide need-to-know marketing research on the industrial companies you hear about every day. Their YouTube channel is packed with useful info too.

    51. Industrial Supply Association

    How can you increase sales and profitability, while decreasing expenses? As a premier source of education, networking, information, and relationships in the Industrial MROP marketplace, Industrial Supply Association (ISA) does just that.

    52. DXP Enterprises

    DXP Enterprises stays on top when it comes to MROP technology, training, and products. This publicly traded professional distribution management company provides products and services to a variety of industries to be the best solution to industrial customers’ needs.

    53. Vallen

    Vallen helps manufacturers by providing indirect industrial supplies. They can help you by streamlining your operations and relationships to gain efficiency and reduce your total cost.

    54. Distribution NOW

    Distribution NOW’s tagline pretty much says it all: “[they] distribute products that deliver energy to the world.” They constantly seek to exceed the requirements, needs, and expectations of their customers with their products and services.

    55. Grainger

    There’s no doubt you’ve heard of Grainger, but did you know they have an incredible safety blog? The Safety Record supplies easy-to-understand tips, tricks, and information on topics ranging from OSHA regulations to safety culture.

    56. HD Supply

    HD Supply is a leader in providing high-quality safety products to industries including Facilities Maintenance and Construction & Industrial. With integrity and professionalism, this company can resolve your toughest problems quickly and efficiently.

    57. Motion Industries

    Motion Industries is the choice supplier for industry in North America. Why? They boast a vast inventory, they utilize a finely tuned logistical network, and they employ workers who are passionate about exceeding customers’ needs.

    58. Dillon Supply

    A one-stop industrial distributor and leading steel service center, Dillon Supply has the time-tested experience to help you get the products you want with the high level of support you need.

    59. 3M

    3M is an industry giant. The company’s numerous brands touches people worldwide. Visit their website to learn about how they innovate and what industries they serve.

    60. National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

    Membership in the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) grants you access to a multitude of business services including property and casualty and health insurance, air and freight shipping, car rental, and bank card processing products and services.

    61. Wistia

    Wistia provides two-fold benefits. It’s a video hosting service we love that also helps you with analytics and video marketing. Click here to improve your SEO, generate new leads, and better understand your data.

    62. Shopify

    I’m sure you know that selling your products online can increase your customers exponentially. Shopify is an easy-to-use platform that gives you multiple ways to sell your awesome products on the internet.

    63. Hubspot

    We’ve talked a bit about this website throughout this blog but to sum it up, Hubspot is the superior tool for generating leads, closing deals, and even automating your marketing. The organization has diverse resources including software, training programs, and go-to blog posts for quick marketing tips.

    64. Moz

    Find SEO tools, local marketing help, and versatile marketing resources with Moz. Their blog and Beginner’s Guide to SEO are some of our favorites.

    65. Copyblogger

    Creating valuable, must-read content is how to stay relevant in today’s marketing world. Copyblogger is a well-loved tool here at Spinstak. Check out their blog for instant tips on content marketing, copywriting, and more.

    66. Chief Marketing Technologist Blog

    It’s no secret that technology is changing the way we do marketing. The Chief Marketing Technologist Blog explores how marketing technology is changing marketing strategy, management, and culture.

    67. MarketingProfs

    MarketingProfs is an all-encompassing resource for what’s new in the marketing world. This site helps you address real-world marketing problems through modern marketing training, strategies, articles, online seminars, discussion forums, and more.

    68. Slack

    Think of Slack as the instant messenger of the professional world. Slack brings together all the people and pieces you need to get work done with productivity.

    69. Workplace by Facebook

    You’re already familiar with Facebook, so why not use it at work? Workplace for Facebook takes the ease-of-use of Facebook and offers a clean, simple platform for staying in-the-know in your organization. Share files, collaborate with coworkers, and more.

    70. 5S Store

    Looking to improve efficiency, quality, and employee safety? 5S Store can help. They remove the operation processes that don’t add value by developing standardized methods for doing the necessary work.

    71. American Society of Safety Engineers

    Safety Engineers Taking Photo Inside Metal Factory

    The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) is the world’s oldest professional safety society – so you know you can trust it! They provide professional development and advocacy, and they set occupational safety, health, and environmental standards for excellence and ethics.

    72. Dropbox

    Built on the fundamental value of trust, Dropbox allows you to share, edit, and store files instantly to improve the productivity and organization in your workplace.

    73. Blackline Safety

    As connected lone worker safety devices emerge in the marketplace, Blackline Safety continues to be a front-running supplier. Their innovation and constant effort to improve are changing the way lone workers are monitored.

    74. Cordova Safety

    Persistent growth and expansion, as well as a dedication to keeping workers safe has helped Cordova Safety evolve into a full-line supplier of PPE. They pride themselves in never failing to pursue hard work and customer satisfaction.

    75. HalenHardy

    If HalenHardy isn’t your go-to spill control supplier, they should be. Their latest products are designed to provide sustainable leak and spill clean-up solutions, as well as reduce the number of slip and fall accidents in the workplace.

    76. Ritz Safety

    What’s the Ritz Safety advantage? Consistency, continuity, and a unified cause. The company is proud to recommend the right products and training and to deliver better-than-expected. Don’t forget to check out their safety blog!

    77. Ergodyne

    Ergodyne is on a mission to provide workers everywhere with innovative, well-crafted safety equipment and training solutions. Learn from their extensive resource library, watch helpful videos, or become a member of their Tenacious Nation.

    78. HexArmor

    HexArmor is bringing new products with premium performance and protection to the United States. Their safety gear revolution can be further explored through their resourceful safety blog.

    79. Lakeland Industries

    Lakeland Industries provides products with a gold standard in quality. Their advanced PPE protects workers and even saves lives. They serve workers in both private and public employment, protecting them from fire, hazardous chemicals, and diseases.

    80. ML Kishigo

    The ML Kishigo difference is this: they have almost 50 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing quality high-visibility clothing that you can depend on to keep you safe and comfortable. They’re the original hi-viz authority.

    20 Industrial Marketing Terms to Add to Your Vocabulary Now

    Man taking notes at desk

    81. Inbound Marketing

    Inbound marketing helps customers find your business through channels such as social media and blogs. It rejects the traditional “cold-call” way of thinking and instead provides a framework for attracting customers with relevant, valuable resources and information. Inbound is essentially the backbone of what we do here at Spinstak.

    82. CTA

    CTA stands for Call To Action. They encourage or prompt your website visitors, leads, and customers to literally take action. These actions can include attending an event, downloading an eBook, or receiving a coupon code. Check out Hubspot’s in-depth CTA explanation for even more info.

    83. Landing Page

    This term refers to a webpage that a visitor can arrive at that has been designed with one objective. Landing pages don’t have global ties to your main website because they’re intended to covert visitors and leads into customers with as little distractions as possible.

    84. Conversion Rate

    In short, the conversion rate is the percentage of people who take the desired action from your CTA.

    85. Click Through Rate

    The click through rate is often used to determine how well your ads are performing. The value is calculated by dividing the number of clicks your ad receives by the number of times your ad is shown.

    86. MQL

    This term refers to a Marketing Qualified Lead. MQL’s are those leads who are judged to be more likely to become a customerhttps://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/definition-marketing-qualified-lead-mql-under-100-sr. This is determined using lead intelligence information acquired from analytics and knowledge from your sales team.

    87. SQL

    Similar to an MQL, an SQL is a Sales Qualified Lead. These individuals have been deemed appropriate to receive a direct sales follow-up.

    88. Sponsored Content

    Sponsored content generally takes the same qualities of the publisher’s original content and provides useful or entertaining information to enhance the perception of the sponsor brand. It helps establish relationships and awareness in the buyer’s journey.

    89. eCommerce

    Network solutions describes eCommerce as being one of the current most important aspects of the internet to emerge. It allows businesses to go beyond brick-and-mortar sales to reach more customers online.

    90. PCI Compliant

    This term applies to any business that accept credit card payments, as PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. Businesses are required to follow a set of standards to ensure they remain in compliance.

    91.Cloud Hosting

    Cloud hosting is innovation at its finest. It allows an unlimited number of devices to act as one system, ensuring maximum website performance and redundant data storage.

    92. Inbound Sales

    The idea of inbound sales borrows its fundamentals from inbound marketing. Using this idea, salespeople focus on the individual needs and pain-points of SQL’s to prioritize the buyer’s needs before your own.

    93. SEO

    This acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines like Google have a formula for ranking the links that appear first on a particular search result page. Practicing effective SEO can help you rank higher on these search engines to attract more visitors to your website and boost your company’s reputation.

    94. Marketing Automation

    Marketing automation uses software to automate specific marketing actions, such as sending emails to contact lists, posting on company social media accounts, and more.

    95. PIM

    This stands for Product Information Management. It helps create and manage a central product database system. It also supports data quality and compliance through monitoring and providing corrective-action when needed.

    96. Premium Content Offer

    A premium content offer (PCO) is designed to be valuable and highly-targeted to your ideal audience. Examples of PCO’s can include webinars, consultations, eBooks and guides, and free trials depending on your product or service.

    97. Facebook

    Facebook is a social media platform that virtually everyone knows about. It’s a great tool for engaging with your customers and finding valuable information about their lifestyle and buying habits. One of the latest Facebook features is Facebook Live, which can help add a human or personable element to your business.

    98. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is where industry professionals go to learn, network, and contribute. Using this platform can help your company stay on top of the latest industry news, as well as gain insight from your industry’s top thought-leaders.

    99. Twitter

    Twitter is a perfect way to provide your audience with instant updates, information, and resources. Keep in mind, as with any social media platform, that the info you post on Twitter should aim to be timely, relevant, and valuable to your followers.

    100. Instagram

    Instagram puts social media engagement in your pocket. Most commonly used on smartphones, this platform can allow your audience to see what your company is up to on a day-to-day basis through posting photos and through the use of Instagram Live. If you want to seem more relatable and trustworthy to your customers, try adding Instagram to your business’s marketing efforts.

    101. Live Show: Lunchtime Chats for Industrial Marketers

    Spinstak is immensely proud to introduce our newest social marketing endeavor, Grow Live. This live show takes place on Facebook Live every Wednesday at noon. Consider us your weekly lunch date. 

    We’ve designed the show to take you step-by-step through the process of becoming a digital marketing strategy expert. We’ve already made the transition into the digital marketing world, so now we’re sharing our experience with you. From the live show, you’ll gain a better understanding of topics including buyer personas, eCommerce, and content writing.

    We’d love for you to log on to your Facebook page each week and check out the show. Watch weekly to get to know the people behind Spinstak Growth Agency, as well as learn can’t-miss information to use in your own digital marketing strategies. We’ll meet you on Wednesday for lunch soon! 

    Well, there you have it! Our 101 item list is home to all the people, websites, blogs, and other resources we think every industrial marketing professional should follow. Keep up with these people, places, and things to boost your digital marketing strategies and stay connected with other industry experts online. We all want to stay better connected, right?

    Do you know of any other great thought-leaders or marketing tools you’d add to the list? We’d love to hear your suggestions, so let us know in the comments!

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