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ECI Has Acquired ES Tech Group

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    HubSpot Workflow (2)-1

    HubSpot Partners

    B2B eCommerce Integration

    Our B2B eCommerce platform, EvolutionX, is integrated with HubSpot: an easy-to-use CRM. Accelerate your eCommerce ROI by leveraging marketing and sales automation with the power of HubSpot and EvolutionX.

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    HubSpot Integration

    B2B eCommerce & CRM Together

    Customer actions taken on your EvolutionX store can be flowed into HubSpot automatically by way of our HubSpot integration. Connect your store and let our integration take it from there!

    Push data to HubSpot's CRM like:

    • Users
    • Orders
    • Abandoned Carts
    • Last Order Date
    • & More!
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    More Bandwidth with Automation

    HubSpot's workflows allow you to automate your sales and marketing communication. Drive customer adoption and see a faster ROI when you pair HubSpot workflows with our EvolutionX integration.

    Let us create workflow templates for you like:

    • Customer Adoption
    • Reorder Reminder
    • First Order Survey
    • Happy / Unhappy Customer Notifications
    • & More!


    Workflow Templates Built For You

    We know that something new can be intimidating. We take the fear out of it by creating custom workflow templates for you. Tell our team what you need to automate and we'll set you up for success with your own HubSpot workflow templates, emails, and notifications.

    With the click of a button, you'll be able to build future workflows all by yourself with our team there to support you along the way.

    Customer Adoption

    Your eCommerce site is live, but how will customers know how to use it? Let us solve that by creating workflow templates that encourage your customers to:

    • Create an account
    • Log in
    • Learn about their account
    • Start shopping
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    Reorder Reminder

    Have products that your customers reorder on a regular basis? Automatically send them reminder emails. We'll build a workflow template that:

    • Enrolls based on SKU(s) purchased
    • Sets your reminder interval
    • Sends a reminder email
    • Links directly to the product page

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    First Order Survey

    Did you make a good first impression with a customer? We can gather that information by way of our HubSpot integration. After a first order is placed, our workflow template will:

    • Automatically trigger a survey
    • Segment happy customers & unhappy customers
    • Notify customer service

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    Internal Notifications

    Need to get your sales, customer service, and other teams aligned?Streamline internal communication processes by automating tasks and notifications for your team:

    • Assign contacts to a sales rep
    • Notify your sales team of new leads
    • Create tasks based on customer actions & behaviors

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    Orders as Deals

    See Online Orders In Your CRM

    Through our integration, any time an action within a cart is taken, it will automatically create or update a Deal in HubSpot. Each Deal has its own unique EvoX Cart ID and updates in real-time - this includes abandoned carts!

    You'll be able to view orders your users have placed inside of Hubspot. This allows you to curate unique content for users based on their orders.

    Drill down into each Deal to see:

    • Contact Associated with Deal
    • Order Amount
    • Line Items
    • Order Date
    • Deal Stage
    • & More!


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    Users Become Contacts

    Seamless Data Transfer

    When a user record is created inside of your EvolutionX store, it will feed down into HubSpot as a contact record - seamlessly. This allows you to segment and target users with relevant marketing and sales collateral, all while avoiding manual entry of contact records in your CRM.

    Along with standard properties like contact name and company, we've also set up custom properties that will carry from EvolutionX into HubSpot:

    • Customer Labels
    • Reward Point Totals
    • New Order Date
    • Last Order Date
    • Previous 30, 60, 90 Day Order Count & Amount
    • Month to Date Order Count & Amount
    • EvoX User Role
    • & More!


    Align Your Sales Team

    Lead Tracking & Deal Pipelines

    HubSpot is more than just a marketing tool. It can help organize your deals to drive efficiency. 

    Deals within HubSpot can be segmented into different sales pipelines and assigned to specific sales reps. Both internal and customer communication can take place within the deal itself.

    Create custom deal properties or use properties built into HubSpot:

    • Deal Owner
    • Deal Stage
    • Deal Type
    • Forecast Probability
    • Priority Level
    • Closed Reason
    • & More!


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    We'll Be Your HubSpot Guide

    HubSpot Gold Partners

    ES Tech Group is an experienced HubSpot partner. Our digital marketing team has been working with clients for years using HubSpot's marketing tools including email, landing pages, forms, contacts, and workflows.

    Our sales team utilizes HubSpot for their own sales pipelines and lead tracking.

    Don't go it alone - our team can guide you through HubSpot's CRM. We offer services that include:

    • Workflow Templates
    • Email Templates
    • Form Set Up
    • Contact List Creation
    • & More!



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