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Content that sells

A service for the collection, enrichment, and syndication of product content. The ultimate way for brand owners, catalog owners, distributors, and software vendors to sell their products.

Meet FusionPlus

Comprehensive wholesaler, buying group and manufacturer coverage
Over two million SKUs, growing each month and counting
Millions of structured, industry-specific attributes
Millions of supporting media (images, documents and video)


At the end of the day, all brand owners, catalog owners, distributors, and software vendors benefit from our service.

Brand Owners
  • Your rich content updated on all supported catalogs
  • Refreshed daily on thousands of distributor webstores
  • Viewed by millions of B2B end-user customers every day
  • Optional selling catalog of your own
Catalog Owners
  • Integrate with distributor ERP and webstore solutions
  • Increase your catalogs exposure to thousands of distributors
  • Rapidly bring products to market
  • Automatic overnight syndication
Software Vendors
  • Single source for ERP and webstore content
  • Secure web service access
  • Bulk and incremental updates
  • Normalised content for multi-catalog support
  • Improve experience for your online customers
  • Expand the range of products you offer
  • Grow product sales and share of wallet
  • Reduce returns and credits

Our Partners