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ECI Has Acquired ES Tech Group

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    Product Content That Sells

    2022 ECI Fusion Dual Logo - Reversed
    A service for the collection, enrichment and syndication of high quality product content.

    The ultimate solution for manufacturers and wholesalers to help themselves and their distributor partners sell more products.

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    High quality product content increases online sales. We can help.

    The rapidly growing shift to on-line sales requires a tremendous amount of energy and investment from manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to maximise sales opportunities. Our product content enrichment and syndication services will help you deliver a world class purchasing environment to your customers.

    Over 2 Million SKUs

    From leading manufacturers and wholesalers, regularly updated by our specialist in-house team.

    Over 20 Million Attributes

    Structured, multi-level product attributes to enable filtered search and comparisons.

    Over 10 Million Assets

    Images, documents and video content to help the end-user make a confident purchase.

    Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Distributors 

    • Take control of your product representation
    • Bring new products to market more quickly
    • Regularly updated to ensure accuracy
    • Expand your product listing reach
    • Viewed by millions of end user customers every day

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    Software Houses

    • Single source for ERP and web store content
    • Secure web service access
    • Bulk and incremental updates
    • Normalised content for multi-catalogue support
    • Fully attributed to improve search results

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    Our Partners


    "Since partnering with FusionPlus Data we've seen many more distributors take and sell our products as it's now much easier for them to add our product file into their ERP and e-commerce solutions."

    Exertis Supplies

    Using enhanced content from FusionPlus Data in our back-office and e-commerce solutions has helped distributors sell more, both on-line and over the phone - it has given their customers the same on-line experience in their work life, as they have in their home life"

    Prima Software

    FusionPlus Data is quite simply the best - they take our raw data, enhance it and make it available to the distributors to help them sell as many of our products as they can!

    DAMS Furniture

    Working with FusionPlus Data means our products are now portrayed exactly as Fellowes want them to be and is helping distributors take our products to market much more effectively


    "Quality product content has helped increase our on-line sales from 16% to 40%, so more than double in the last 2 years, enabling us to grow our business without taking on new staff."


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