Electrical and Plumbing Distributor Connects Their ERP to EvolutionX, Goes Live in 100 Days


About Wiseway Supply

Wiseway Supply is a family and locally owned company that has been servicing the Southern Ohio and Kentucky region for the past 50 years.

Wiseway serves contractors in the electrical and plumbing space by providing them top quality products from trusted brands. The Wiseway team prides itself on keeping technology at the forefront. That's why they've chosen EvolutionX as their eCommerce platform to connect to their ERP software - Epicor Eclipse.




What It Takes to Get It Done

President of Wiseway Supply John Cain was lamenting how he could create a B2B eCommerce presence for his family business. He was never comfortable with what it took to get it done.

So he turned to his colleagues in the distribution industry, and they came back with a solution - EvolutionX. And so, Wiseway's partnership with ES Tech began.

It was just a 100% pleasurable experience from negotiating a contract with Dave, through implementation. I couldn't have expected better."

John credits the comfort and success of getting his new site live to ES Tech Group's team of eCommerce experts.

They took the fear out of it. The Customer Success Team really took any speed bumps out and they were very responsive. I still think it's awfully impressive that we went from nothing to live in 100 days."



Connectivity Makes It Easy

Getting a new eCommerce site live was just the beginning. The next challenge for the Wiseway team was how to easily manage and display product content to customers.

A proven integration between Epicor Eclipse ERP software and EvolutionX delivered by the ES Tech team made it easy.

The concept of one point of contact - that made it nice because we didn't have to worry about the integration piece between EvoX and our ERP, which is Epicor Eclipse. We're not managing two data sets. All we have to worry about is what items we want to get up on the website."

Together with content partner DDS, Wiseway is now able to display its products online for the first time in its history.



Happy Customers & More Capacity

Wiseway's EvolutionX site saw two massive benefits: a happy customer base and a more relaxed Wiseway staff.

[Customers] are pulling invoices from our ERP system through EvoX, they're getting quotes, they're checking our inventory - all that stuff that takes burden off of our staff AND it's available to the contractor 24/7."

Before EvolutionX, these requests would require an email or phone call with a Wiseway team member. After that, the team member would have work to do to fulfill the customer's request. That's not the case anymore.

The more of that we can migrate to EvoX takes pressure off our internal staff - the people side. And it's not like we're eliminating the people, it gives us more capacity."

In a business world where bandwidth equals growth, more capacity means Wiseway can focus on earning more business while ensuring their customers receive a modern online experience they expect.



The Exact Solution You Need

Throughout the entire experience, the only thing that caught John off-guard was how well EvolutionX fit his business, and potentially others too.

It seemed like a great solution for a middle-market company that didn't have a huge budget. Now once I was in it, I don't know why a lot of the larger companies wouldn't want to go this route. It was such a phenomenal experience, that I think it would be good for any company."

Wiseway President John Cain has been a wonderful advocate of ES Tech Group. If you've heard the buzz about an eCommerce platform in the electrical or plumbing space, it likely came from John!

There's not five seconds of thought I'd had along the way that this wasn't the exact solution we needed. It was super easy and it wasn't just easy at low quality; it was high quality and ease of implementation that got us moving in the direction we needed to go."

At ES Tech Group, we strive to make promoters out of all of our customers by offering the personalized service and cutting-edge features you and your customers have come to expect from a modern eCommerce platform. We look forward to partnering with Wiseway Supply (and perhaps you?) for years to come!

"It really was the exact solution we needed and would highly recommend it and have recommended it to several people."
John Cain

John Cain
President, Wiseway Supply

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