Surgo Surgical Supply Leverages ES Tech's Services to Successfully Respond to Their Customers' Needs


About Surgo Surgical Supply

Surgo Surgical Supply believes customer service is the most important aspect of their business. They want to care for their customers in the same way that their customers care for their patients.

Surgo has been one of the leading Canadian national distributors of medical products for over 50 years. Since 1968, they have shipped millions of parcels. Their customers have come to depend on their speed of service, quality, and reliability.

They offer a lowest price guarantee, Air Miles, rewards points, and an amazing customer experience.  Surgo's top priority is to be a source of ease for their customers.


Right Time, Right Solution

In 2019, Surgo Surgical Supply had identified a problem: their current eCommerce platform wasn't properly connecting to their ERP software. Enter ES Tech Group and our EvolutionX eCommerce solution.

Surgo did their research and found that ES Tech had a great company, great culture, and could solve their biggest pain point - the ERP integration.

The number one pain point on eCommerce platforms is good data integration and a good user experience. Usually, you get one or the other. In this case [with EvolutionX], we've got both."

Then the pandemic hit. With the help of EvolutionX, Surgo and their team worked diligently to procure and make available medical equipment for their customers.

The website was capable of handling everything that we needed it to do throughout the pandemic. From allocating products, to managing pricing, to being scalable...and throughout, their support was always excellent."

The result of Surgo's diligence and the support of ES Tech led to a remarkable increase in online sales. Their order volume and sales spiked 1000% in less than one week in February of 2020.



Features to Make Life Easier

The pandemic, product shortages, supply chain delays - just a shortlist of issues distributors have had to overcome in the past couple of years. But if history has taught us anything, it's that once these issues are solved, more will be there to replace them.

Being in business for over 50 years, Surgo is well aware of this fact. That's why EvolutionX and its robust features are essential to their online business.

Here we are two years later, and we are just exploring how we can dig even deeper into other features we've not yet explored."

Restricting products to customer groups is just scratching the surface of EvolutionX's capabilities. You can also leverage features such as full control of search, merchandising tools, marketing tools, drag and drop content pages, shipping zones, budgets, and more.



Marketing an Incredible Website

Website - check. ERP integration - check. Now it was time for Surgo to market their site and their business to new and existing customers.

Like most companies, we don't know how to do it. The [ES Tech] Marketing Services helped us learn and understand how to do digital marketing."

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing ES Tech's Marketing Services is the rare combination of marketing mentorship, industry experience, and EvolutionX eCommerce platform knowledge.

It is a unique skillset, so the ability to work with the marketing team who intrinsically knows the backend of the [EvolutionX and HubSpot] software and also understands marketing to create a process for you, rather than having to learn and do it yourself, is very beneficial."

ES Tech's Marketing Services have been creating monthly, quarterly, and short-term campaigns for Surgo utilizing HubSpot marketing tools. The team has also implemented automation by leveraging EvolutionX's HubSpot integration.

The results have seen more accounts, better response to promotions, and more efficient internal processes.



Mission Accomplished: Customer Happiness

Surgo's customers have been delighted with their online ordering experience.

Our customers feedback has been positive and just the overall experience - the ability to search the site better and quickly, to see inventory, save shopping carts - the general features that a modern eCommerce user expects that are lacking on many platforms, are available to them in EvolutionX."

Part of Surgo's mission is to deliver that easy ordering experience. The help of ES Tech's Customer Success Team, EvolutionX platform, and Marketing Services has resulted in a mission accomplished.

The holisitic, entire package provided to us has allowed us to adapt quickly to that new requirement of our customer base. We could rely on the website to be a stable communication device with our customers so we could actually spend time on all the other hard stuff."

Since 2019, EvolutionX and ES Tech's services have become an essential part of their business.


"Without the help of [ES Tech] and the [EvolutionX] platform, our lives would be much more difficult. It's become a critical part of who and what we are and we depend on it."

Hugo Jeffrey

Hugo Jeffrey
Principal, Surgo Surgical Supply

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