Office Solutions Group Revamps Their Homepage Using ES Tech's Design Services


About Quills Group

Quills Group was established over 20 years ago in their Managing Director's front room in Surrey, UK. Since then, Quills Group has been serving their customers with the highest of standards, ensuring that they can deliver what your organisation needs. 

Quills Group offers products and services that include Office Supplies, Furniture, Facilities Management, Janitorial, Cleaning & Hygiene, Furniture, Archiving, Confidential Shredding, Coffee & Beverage Solutions, Managed Print Solutions, Print, Promotional Items, and Waste Management.




Always Improving

Quills Group Marketing & Communications Manager Sarah Pask has been working in the office supplies industry for nearly 10 years. Quills had made a decision that they needed a better e-webstore solution for their customers.

Over the years, Sarah has seen many different B2B eCommerce platforms, and they're not all created equally.

I feel this is the easiest one to use with the most pain-free support team, because when you're working with tech firms, it's not always pain free, I can assure's a good system that we're proud of and we feel we've stepped up a level in terms of what we're offering the customer. "

Quills Group's experience designing and launching their eCommerce site was so positive, that they signed up for an ongoing retainer with ES Tech Group's Design Team. Their goal: continue to improve the site. This led them to revamp their homepage in 2022.

As soon as you make a website live you think 'we should have done this and we should have done that'. The pain point that ES Tech Group solved was that we didn't have the time in-house to do such a big project. It was pain-free and there was lots of positive feedback."



Enhancing the Customer Experience

Sarah was noticing a trend on Quills Group's homepage. Customers were only looking at a small portion of the website.

On the homepage, there was only about 25% that was being looked at and this was at the top of the page. That top section is kind of our money spot. We needed to make sure that we had got everything there that the customer might need."

Working in tandem with Quills, ES Tech's Design Team came up with a solution that used analytics to create a homepage update that customers would love.

[After the redesign] customers now view about 40% of the homepage. Ultimately, that was our goal, to get more of the homepage seen and to make it as attractive as possible, and I think we've achieved that."

Overall, the partnership between Quills Group and ES Tech's Design Team is driving customers to where they want to go.



Impressing Leadership

The homepage looked beautiful, metrics were on the rise, and customers were responding positively - something Quills Group's leadership team highly values.

They're obviously very pleased. From a senior management perspective, they're going along doing their daily roles - but when you show them the figures, it's a welcome piece of news."

In addition to the numbers, senior management was also impressed with how the site looked and performed.

Visually, they felt that it looked great, easy to use, easy to navigate, the search engine is really good as well."



A Breath of Fresh Air

The ongoing retainer with ES Tech has been incredibly beneficial to Sarah and the Quills Group team. Aside from simply updating the site, the Design Team also researches and suggests data-driven changes.

We have a monthly catch-up and [ES Tech's Global Creative Director] Alex always brings some ideas to the table, which is very refreshing. When you're busy, submerged in your everyday's always good to have that backup for that development work."

It's been a pleasure to work with Quills Group as they continue to expand in the office supplies space. According to Sarah, the feeling is quite mutual.

I definitely recommend the team because they're easy to work with, they're like a breath of fresh air."

More than just the Design Team, Sarah also praised the rest of the ES Tech crew.

The other [ES Tech] team on the implementation and support side, it really does feel like the team wants their clients to use and understand the site as much as possible, and get the most out of it. We would definitely recommend using ES Tech Group to another company."

At ES Tech Group, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful and functional websites with experts who understand your industry and know B2B eCommerce. We're thrilled with the smashing success of Quills Group's homepage redesign and we look forward to watching them continue to grow!

"I definitely recommend the team because they're easy to work with, they're like a breath of fresh air."
Sarah Pask

Sarah Pask
Marketing & Communications Manager, Quills Group

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