Professional Office Supplies Finds the Best eCommerce Platform in the Industry


About Professional Office Supplies

Professional Office Supplies is a privately owned company, formed in 2002.  As one of the UK’s fastest growing independent office supplies providers we take a different approach to helping businesses thrive.

We are proud to have an established client list that covers the length and breadth of the UK, as well as mainland Europe. We distribute directly from our base in central Scotland and work in partnership with clients to effectively manage carbon footprint.

Professional Office Supplies

A high percentage of our sales have always been EDI as we've long encouraged this within our customer base and, as such, our eCommerce platform is the interface between us and our customers. Our adoption of EvolutionX was therefore planned to allow us to provide a much better online experience for our customers, aesthetically. However that turned out to be only the beginning.

Evolution X gave us the tools to promote, cross-sell, and better communicate with our customers without the usual visits from their sales representative. The benefit of this has been an up-turn in sales among a certain type of customer and more enquiries with regards to areas of our supply that customers weren't aware of, across the board.

The Fusion Data integration is an incredibly powerful tool. The office products industry has long been plagued with awful data from wholesalers and suppliers making eCommerce a very difficult thing to do well. Fusion Data allows us to offer a much better shopping experience all-round. The content is fantastic and the ability to sort, search and filter properly (as simple as it sounds) makes a huge difference to the end-user.

The customer service team is very responsive and helpful. EvolutionX is a very robust and intuitive product, however the few times I've had to call upon the customer service team they've been extremely diligent and professional, always keeping me up-to-date with any outstanding ticket as it is being resolved and always to my satisfaction.

“EvolutionX, in my opinion, is easily the most powerful eCommerce platform in our industry. From my experience and research before adopting it, there is nothing on the market that can hold a candle to its features, data or ability to integrate with third-party applications. For my money, there isn't a better solution out there.”

Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll
Systems & Operations Manager, Professional Office Supplies

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