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Success Stories

See how companies, like yours, have experienced success with EvolutionX.

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Professional Office Supplies

A high percentage of our sales have always been EDI as we've long encouraged this within our customer...

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Blakes Workplace Solutions

We don’t usually write testimonials but this company absolutely deserves it. I honestly wish that all our suppliers...

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Simple Office Supplies

The support we received in this area was second to none, as the switch over from our old website to the EvolutionX...

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Office Evolution

After muddling through a vast array of software solutions for our new store, I was lucky enough to come across...

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Advanced Safety & Industrial Supply

Prior to choosing EvolutionX, I was part of a team using an open source platform.  Using an open source platform has its...

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Surgo Surgical Supply

Customer Service is everything!  Ease of ordering, bill payment, order tracking and accessibility of information...

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Advance Office & Janitorial Supplies

We moved to EvolutionX after being a Customer for many years on the legacy Evolution platform...

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General Distributing

Marketing Director, Amy Dardis, joined us for a 5-part video series on how General Distributing was able to implement a complete solution. Watch these great videos...

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