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Top-Secret Catalog Marketing Strategies for Distributors

How do you retain and grow your existing business while simultaneously attacking new markets and customer segments?

The answer is an old-school sales tool with a new-school twist. In this PDF download, we share our top-secret catalog marketing strategies proven to drive sales and customer engagement.

What you'll learn:

  • How to utilize Google Sheets or a product information management (PIM) software to manage your product data
  • Use the bucket method and start with your best sellers first and then add the rest consistently over time
  • Vendor-proof your product content and develop a competitive price strategy
  • How to design and print a master catalog or seasonal flyer program
  • How to build a B2B eCommerce website that makes it easier for you
    and your customers
  • How to advertise your website and current offers in your printed catalog and visa versa
  • How to advertise your catalog online and incorporate into your email marketing
  • ...and MORE!

Written by Matt Johnson with over 15 years of catalog development experience.


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