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ECI Has Acquired ES Tech Group

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    ES Tech Group provides B2B eCommerce strategy, software, and solutions that help you navigate change and win online.

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    Best-in-Class B2B eCommerce

    EvolutionX is a best-in-class B2B eCommerce solution for markets including but not limited to, business supplies, industrial, electrical, plumbing, gas and welding, medical supplies, and more.
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    Omnichannel Growth Agency

    Spinstak is a growth agency specializing in eCommerce marketing and catalog development that helps companies better capitalize on both traditional and digital sales channels.
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    Struggling to keep up with change?
    We can help.

    From global pandemics impacting the way you engage with your customers to the Amazon affect on buying behavior, it can be difficult to navigate change and ensure the future success of your business.

    You need more than just another software solution, you need a partner dedicated to helping you transform the way you communicate and sell online.


    Only ES Tech Group Provides Distributors and Manufacturers

    The Complete Solution


    Best-in-Class B2B eCommerce Platform
    EvolutionX is a best-in-class B2B eCommerce platform for distributors and manufacturers that perpetually evolves with your changing business needs.


    Manufacturer Product Content that Sells
    We work with content service providers across a wide variety of industry verticals to ensure your eCommerce website has the latest rich product information.


    ERP and Application Integrations
    Connect your webstore to your ERP software to create a frictionless eCommerce experience. Plus, all your favorite applications can be connected via our app store.


    eCommerce Marketing Services
    Spinstak provides marketing services to ensure customer adoption and growth. From marketing campaigns to SEO, branding, and more; we're here to help you grow.

    eComm-Wheel of Growth eBook

    Our proven process for building, launching, and growing a B2B eCommerce Website that gets results.

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    We Help Distributors Develop an Omnichannel Approach to Sales

    To be effective today, distributors need to be as active online as they are in-person. This means a thoughtful eCommerce website, email marketing strategy, social media campaigns, flyer programs, and more. We help you communicate your value proposition so you can sell more across more channels.

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    We Help Manufacturers Reach More End-Users and Grow Market Share

    What good is investing in product and marketing content if the end-user never sees it? Manufacturers need to be able to service a large network of distributor partners, while simultaneously expanding their end-user customer base.

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    We Help Wholesalers Empower Their Customers to Sell More

    We can get your catalog and content into the hands of more distributors. Our eCommerce platform enables approved distributors the ability to load your catalog instantaneously while our catalog team can help you create print flyers and full-size catalogs that increase sales.

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    We Help Buying Groups Create Programs that Drive Growth

    Use the power of the pack to super-charge your membership's digital transformation. Our Collective program for buying groups and cooperatives is designed to level the playing field for small and medium-sized distributors struggling to keep up with change.

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    "We’ve been an EvolutionX customer for a number of years now and have been very impressed with the systems’ ease of use and natural integration with our back-office provider. It’s very quick and easy to set up new customers and add users on the store. The developers are clearly not content with the status quo and a process of regular improvements to the functionality of the site is very impressive and most welcome. Queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently and they have a real partnership approach to problem solving."

    Matthew Andrews
    Business Analyst, Warrens Office

    “The idea of learning new software to manage a new website was initially a daunting thought. However, once we were introduced to the software, those initial fearful thoughts quickly vanished. Compared to our old website this change was so easy to follow and so user friendly. Louise’s support alongside the video tutorials made solving any issues very simple.”

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    Simon Blackett

    Simon Blackett
    Director, Simple Office Supplies

    "As an IMARK Member, we were pleased to be the first member to upgrade our eCommerce platform to ES Tech Group’s EvolutionX. This eCommerce site allows us to manage our Electrical and Plumbing business in one place for our customers. The Customer Success Team has been amazing throughout the onboarding, testing, and go-live process, including any handholding desired. They continue to work with us through the Spinstak eCommerce Enablement team, ensuring our success and growth."

    John Cain
    President, Wiseway Supply

    “Every month new features are communicated and rolled out for us to test and use without additional fees.  Their Customer Success Team is outstanding; they work with us to grow our business with features and ways to amazing Customer Experience.”

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    Lisa Crowson

    Lisa Crowson
    President, Advance Office & Janitorial Supplies

    "Evolution X, in my opinion, is easily the most powerful eCommerce platform in our industry. From my experience and research before adopting it, there is nothing on the market that can hold a candle to its features, data or ability to integrate with third-party applications. For my money, there isn't a better solution out there."


    Sean Carroll
    Systems & Operations Manager, Professional Office Supplies

    “We don’t usually write testimonials but this company absolutely deserves it. I honestly wish that all our suppliers were like EvolutionX because every area of service they provide is brilliant.”

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    Mike Byrne
    Director, Blakes Workplace Solutions

    "As a result of choosing Evolution each person in the marketing team was able to comfortably make various updates to the website.  The time that was spent making security updates is now being used to promote new product brands, take advantage of the powerful merchandising capabilities, and utilizing the built in search engine pptimization features. EvolutionX has consistently added new features that are easy to implement, and if help is needed the articles and/or videos are easy to follow. We are very happy with our decision to choose the EvoX!"

    kim i

    Kim Imbriglio
    Marketing Director, Advanced Safety & Industrial Supply

    “From the moment I made the initial inquiry, I was blown away with the level of care and attention shown to us, let alone the system itself. It was clear from the demo that this was a user friendly, workable, and highly efficient web solution.”

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    Natasha Reid

    Natasha Reid
    Director, Office Evolution

    “Customer Service is everything! Ease of ordering, bill payment, order tracking and accessibility of information are crucial components of a successful customer partnership. We put our trust in EvolutionX and it has exceeded our expectations in every respect.”

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    Hugo Jeffrey
    Principal, Surgo Surgical Supply

    “From day one, ES Tech Group, DDS, and Computers Unlimited worked together to make our website project easy. They solved problems and collaborated in a way that made us extremely confident in the entire process, and that has made all the difference in the world. We have effectively combined the best product data in our industry with an eCommerce platform that is fully integrated with our back-office system. The result is an amazing customer experience that will help us grow for years to come.”

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    Amy Dardis
    Director of Marketing and Business Development, General Distributing Company

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