How to Setup Sales Reps to Customer Accounts

You can setup one or multiple Account Managers for your customers in EvoX and show the account manager on the customers' dashboard.

If you were to set up emails to receive orders for a Catalog in Spinstak eCommerce, you would follow these steps in EvoX:
  1. Navigate to the left-hand navigation bar.  
  2. Select Store Settings.  
  3. In the drop-down menu, go to General.  
  4. Select Account Managers at the top.
  5. Select New Manager and fill out the information. 
  6. Once added and Saved, navigate to Customers in the left-hand navigation bar.  
  7. Select Accounts from the drop-down menu.  
  8. Add the Account Manager to the account you want by selecting the Account you want navigate to.  
  9. Edit Account.
  10. Scroll down to Assign Account Managers and select the Plus option to add.
  11. Search for Account Manager’s name and select them.
  12. Click Save.


    • Remember to save everything! 
    • The first account manager listed, for that customer, is the primary account holder. This means that he or she will be the individual that will receive the Order Emails, if the toggle has been enabled in the Account manager records.