How to Add Products

If you would associate and add products in Spinstak eCommerce then you would follow these steps in EvoX:

Table of Contents:

How To Add Products V2

From the preloaded catalogs: 

  1. Navigate to and click on Catalogs in the left-hand navigation bar. 
  2. This will open a drop-down menu. 
  3. Click Available Catalogs. 
  4. Here you will see the available catalogs for your store.  
  5. To enable a catalog, locate and click on the three dots on the right-hand side, then click Enable.
    1. By selecting Enable, you are making the catalog available. 
  6. Once you have your catalogs enabled, you will need to assign them to a catalog container. 
  7. Select Catalogs.  
  8. Then select Catalog Containers.  
  9. To create a container, click on New Catalog Container.  
  10. Enter the information.
    1. Enter the name of your catalog container. 
    2. Enter a start and end date for your catalog container. 
    3. Ensure the catalog container Status is enabled. 
    4. If you'd like to hide any empty categories, ensure Exclude Empty Categories is enabled. 
    5. Then assign the catalogs you would like to appear.  
  11. Select who this catalog container is for. It can be for specific Accounts or Globally.  
    1. Accounts - this allows you to display certain catalogs or products to a specific customer or group of customers. 
    2. Globally - this allows the container to be shown to all users. 
  12. Click Save. 
  13. Navigate to Categories in the left-hand navigation menu. 
  14. Click on Activate Category Vertical. 
  15. Select a Vertical in the drop-down menu.  
  16. Click Add. 


You can also create your own custom categories and assign your own products to them. To do this you can either: 

  • Click on Add Category and give your Category a name.  
    • To Edit a category, click on the settings icon and select Edit. 
    • To Add a Subcategory, click on the settings icon and select Add Subcategory 
    • You'll be able to add more levels.  
    • You will then see that individual ID'S will be generated for your categories & subcategories, which will be handy when adding products into that category. 
    • ID'S are necessary here; if you want to create multiple levels, you must keep note of the parent category ID. 

From your own repository of products:

Add New Products via Import:

  1. Navigate to and click on Products in the left-hand navigation bar. 
  2. Select Products from the drop-down menu. 
    1. This is your products dashboard. 
  3. When you select Import, you have three tabs to look at: File Upload, Import Rules, and Import History.
  4. First, Download the Template (the option is in the upper right-hand corner). 
  5. Look at the Import Rules to follow along and see what data is absolutely required.
  6. After you are done completing the template, save the file. 
  7. Click on Browse and upload your file.
  8. Click Import.


  • To Find Brand ID or Manufacturer ID, navigate to Products in the left-hand side and select the drop-down menu.  
    • You will see Brands and Manufacturers as options. The ID number for either is listed over to the right side. 
  • The Supplier ID refers to either your items or a catalog item (like Essendant or ORS). 
    • Navigate to Suppliers in the left-hand navigation bard to find these IDs 
  • The Default Category means the categorization of your item.  
    • Navigate back to Categories in the left-hand navigation bar. You can add the item into an existing Category (like Essendant) or activate a New Category Vertical for your Own Category.   
    • If you add a New Category Vertical for your Own Category, you will have to Add Categories.
    • Once those are added, you can get the ID number beside each one.
  • Make sure you save the spreadsheet before uploading and importing the data. 
  • Import History will show how your data upload went – it tells you if it errored out or if it was successful.  
    • Select HTML if your import errored out to see what went wrong. 

Add New Products Manually:

  1. Navigate to and click on Products in the left-hand navigation bar. 
  2. Select Products from the drop-down menu. 
    1. This is your products dashboard. 
  3. Select New Product.
  4. Enter in the Product Details:
    1. Name
    2. URL Key (slug)
    3. SKU
    4. Supplier
    5. Description
    6. Brand
    7. Manufacturer
    1. Ensure it's Enabled.
    2. And More.
  1. Enter in Product Prices & Orders:
    1. List Price
    2. Cost Price
    3. Minimum Order Quantity
    4. And More.
  2. Enter Pack & Dimensions.
  3. Enter Product Features.
  4. Enter Selling Points.
  5. Enter Additional Descriptions.
  6. Enter Product Design.
  7. Enter Other fields.
  8. Navigate to Categories at the top.
  9. Select Categories.
  10. Select the Category you want this product to show in.
  11. Navigate to Media at the top.
  12. Select Default Image to upload an image.
  13. Select Additional Images to upload more images.
  14. Click Save in the upper right-hand corner when finished.

How this relates to Spinstak eCommerce:

  1.  First login to your Admin Panel. 
  2. On the left-side menu, click Catalog Management. 
  3. From the dropdown menu, click Organize A Catalog. 
  4. At the top of the page, choose the catalog you want to add products to from the Catalog dropdown menu. This will expose your list of categories and subcategories. 
  5. From here, you have two options. Both will allow you to add products to the selected category: 
    1. Choose the category or subcategory you want to add products to from the Categories dropdown menu. 
    2. To the right of the category name under the View column, click on the Products button. 
  6. Once inside the category or subcategory, click the ASSOCIATE PRODUCTS button in the top left corner. This will give you access to our entire database of products. 
  7. From this page, you can locate a product by Product Name, Manufacturer, Product Type, Keyword or SKU Number. Once the appropriate fields are filled or selected, click the SEARCH button. 
  8. Locate the product you want to add to your catalog and click the checkbox next to the product name. 
  9. Once you've selected the product or products you want to add, click the ASSOCIATE button at the bottom of the page. 
  10. Once the product or products have been added, you can hide individual SKUs within the product that you don't want on your site.