Accounts, Users & Roles

If you would assign accounts in Spinstak eCommerce then you would follow these steps in EvoX.

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Accounts Users Roles - Edited

What are Accounts, Users, and Roles? 

  • Accounts - These are the companies that you do business with.
  • Users - These are the individual employees that work for the companies you do business with. They can be organized under Accounts. In Spinstak eCommerce, we would call them customers.
  • Roles - These are the permissions that you can grant your users. Users are assigned to different roles that give them access to things like other Users, Payment Methods, Orders, and More.

How to Add Accounts (Time Stamp 0:23)

  1. Navigate to the left-hand navigation bar.  
  2. Select Accounts. 
    1. Accounts – refers to the company for which you are creating the account for. 
    2. Users – refers to the users underneath each account (company). 
  3. Select New Account.
  4. Fill in the information for the company’s account you are adding.  
  5. Enter at least one user for the company’s account. This is the minimum to create the account. 
    1. Add User. 
  6. Add Address. 
  7. Select Save. 

How to Edit Accounts (Time Stamp 2:03)

  1. Navigate to the left-hand navigation bar.  
  2. Select Accounts. 
  3. Select the Account you want to edit. 
  4. Click edit.
  5. Enter in information you want to change.
  6. Click Save. 

How to Add Users (Time Stamp 2:41)

  1.  To add a User to the account, select Users in the top navigation bar.  
  2. Select New User.
  3. Add in the information for the User. 

 How to Edit Users (Time Stamp 3:23)

  1.  Go into the User you would like to edit or update. 
  2. Change the information and edit it. 
  3. Click Save. 

How to Assign a User to a Role (Time Stamp 3:55)

  1. Navigate to the left-hand navigation bar and select Customers then Roles.
  2. There are several roles that are predefined for you: 
    1. Guest  
    2. B2C 
    3. B2B 
    4. Enterprise User 
    5. Enterprise Admin – most permission out of all the roles.  
  3. Click View Role to view the permissions each role has.  
  4. To build your custom role, select the predefined role closest to the role you want.  
  5. Select Clone in the upper right corner.  
  6. Name the Role and select Clone.
  7. The checkboxes for permissions are not editable.
  8. Select which ones you want.
  9. Select Save.  

Note: There are also 30 Global Permissions you can adjust. 

How to Import Users (Time Stamp 5:13)

  1. To import users under the Account, select Users.  
  2. Go to Import Users.
  3. Select Download Template – which will download a spreadsheet.  
  4. Fill out the Template with the correct information (follow the import rules) and Save the spreadsheet. 
  5. Import and upload the spreadsheet. 
  6. Red means errored out. Green means ready to go! 


Item Swap – you can suggest a different product to those who have a certain item in their cart you want to swap (hard swap) or suggest (soft swap).

Account Message – a personalized message for the account. 


Relates to Spinstak eCommerce here: 

Via Customer Level: 

  1. Navigate to the store's website. 
  2. Click Create Account (this is generally located in the top right corner of the website). 
  3. Complete all required fields in the Account Settings area. 
  4. Complete all required fields in the Address Information area. 
  5. Click Create Account.  
  6. Customers can now log in using their unique username and password. 
  7. An email confirmation will be sent to inform the web admin owner that a new customer account has been created. 

Via the Admin Level: 

  1. Login to your Admin Panel. 
  2. On the left sidebar menu, click on Orders & Customers. 
  3. Click on Customers. 
  4.  In the top right corner, click the Add button. 
  5. Complete all required fields for your customer. 
  6. Click the Save button.