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Powerfully Differentiated Experiences for Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributors
ES Tech Group

Who We Are

Powerful. Fast. Affordable.

A software platform and product catalog service purpose-built for the specific needs of Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Distributors.

Good enough is no longer good enough. Amazon continues to threaten your very survival. Your customers demand compelling B2B procurement experiences integrated with industry-specific content. You need a feature complete platform, that scales, can get to market in weeks, and costs a fraction of other options.

Simply stated, our expertise in the B2B distribution value chain, coupled with world-class content and specialized commerce capabilities will help you sell more. Your survival depends on it.



Paddy Donnelly
Co-founder and CEO

Spent the last 11 years growing E.S Tech Group from a startup to a market leading solution provider to OP, Janitorial, and Industrial distributors in the UK, Ireland, and North America.

I'm passionate about commerce, content, cloud services, design, and sales and marketing. When not working I love cooking, the great outdoors, and chilling with my wife and kids.

Jon Hood

Technical lead and a passionate developer. I love creating new revolutionary products which solve business problems efficiently. I’m still as excited today as I was when I first started out in the industry, and nothing drives me more than seeing my clients’ businesses, grow and achieve success.

I'm passionate about eCommerce, product content, cloud services and new cutting edge web and database technologies.

Tracy Gill
Chief Financial Officer

With over 30 years experience working with a variety of companies, I joined Evolution in the early years when we were one company in one country. Now responsible for the financial activities of the group together with anything else, not sales or product related!

Likes walks with my dog, meeting up with friends, travel and reading crime novels especially when relaxing on a beach. Avid golf watcher but can’t play!

Steve 'Billo' Bilton
VP Sales

Over 20 years' sales leadership experience, successfully delivering complex ERP, Commerce and Content solutions primarily within the Distribution Industry. I joined the group in 2011, spending the first 3 years based out of Chicago to help establish our US operations.

My 'work passion' is to ensure that we delight our customers with solutions that improve efficiency and increase sales and profitability.

Dave Bent
President, US Operations

Started in IT the same year IBM introduced the first PC - yikes!
Spent 20 years as a CIO in major global companies. Spent the last 14 years as a CIO in the global B2B Distribution Industry. Became a Partner in ES Tech Group in 2017.

Passionate about our solutions, our team, and most importantly, our customers. I am a car crazy Formula 1 junky going to races across the globe, a very average golfer, and a foodie & wine lover.

Our Value Proposition

Manufacturer Icon


Ensure your products are differentiated and represented accurately and on-brand. Get your product information in the hands of your sellers who demand it. Create a direct selling capability for parts, accessories, or specialized lines.

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Aggregate multiple manufacturer catalogs into a single selling catalog. Easily syndicate selling catalogs to distributors and dealers to drive your sales. Provide a website with features specific to the purchasing behavior of your end customers and distributors.

Distributor Icon


Add Wholesaler and Manufacturer catalogs to your webstore with a single click. Use B2B centric capabilities to drive increases in Traffic, Conversion, and Average Order Value. Deploy a world-class, feature complete B2B centric webstore fast and affordably.

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Buying Group

Help your members make the transition to a digitally minded company. Provide your members a compelling, differentiated holistic commerce and content capability. Be recognized as a thought leadership organization.